PBS AKU MAU JADI TOUR LEADERJAKARTA. On a sunny morning on Wednesday (22/02) the students of 4th grade SD Juara Jakarta Utara had an opportunity to gain knowledge of Mrs. Hadratul Hairiyah. She is leader PT. Hijrah Arafat Mandiri, a Tour and Travel company engaged in airport services Umrah and Hajj.

Mrs. Hairiyah Hadratul visitedSD Juara Jakarta Utara in the framework of PBS (Pekan Berbagi Senyum), a program of the Rumah Zakat which provides an opportunity for a teacher to share knowledge to children in SD Juara.

This event was started from 09.00 until 12.00 am. On that occasion Mrs. Hadratul Hairiyah explained about the profession ofTour Leader who has so many advantages, including free streets, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation on the earth, seeing the historical heritage, and also making relation with many people.

In addition, she shared stories about his experiences during becoming a Tour Leader. The children were so amazed at her interesting stories.the sight of some of the places he visited and their stories interesting.

The children were very excited to be a Tour Leader who can go to lots of historic sites for Muslims like visiting three mosques were highly recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, namely Masjidil Haram, Masjid Nabawi dan Masjid Al Aqsha.

Within two hours Mrs. Hadratul Hairiyah has brought the students to the various historical places on earth. Children have been invited around visiting Medina, Mecca and Palestine through the stories interesting.

Before the event ended Mrs. Hadratul Hairiyah provided questions about the historical places that have been disclosed by her. The students were excited to answer the question. They’re even ahhpier when got chocolate as the reward for those who are able to answer correctly.

The event was concluded with photo session and. “Hopefully PBS of Rumah Zakat can continue because this program provides many benefits and also new insights for students of SD Juara.” said the Hadratul Hairiyah.

Newsroom / Nur Luthfiyana

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