PBS SEMARANG MEMBUAT RENCANA KEGIATAN DENGAN IDE KREATIFSEMARANG. On Sunday (03/05) Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) are conducted in Genuk, Semarang. PBS activity this time attended by 20 children of ‘Anak Juara’. The activity that started at 09.00 presented Desty Dwiyanasari as a speaker, Desty also is Rumah Zakat Donator. In this PBS Desty provided material on “Making Work Plan with Creative Idea”.

Children were given direction how to set an agenda or plans to be interesting to see as well as all the agenda that has been collated or planned to be realized for at least one week. On this occasion children immediately practice schedule with simple equipment such as HVS A4 paper colored paper, glue and scissors.

Children began to make creative planning and developing a timetable or agenda for one week, from making-do activities in school, at home up to prepare lessons in the school schedule. children are very enthusiastic in following PBS activity.

“Look, this is my work, the color is attractive, I like red and pink and this is my activities during the first week. Thank you for taught me how to make this plans” said shinta, Anak Juara.

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