PBS TAWARKAN CARA MENARIK PELAJARI KESGILUTCILEGON. The atmosphere is different in scavenger area at Kp. Priuk Kel. Sukmajaya, Kec. Jombang. Shouts excitedly came from children who gathered in the pavilion one of ECD in the region. Apparently, they are following the Smiles Sharing Week activities or PBS, which was held in Cilegon on Sunday (1/22).

This time, PBS participated by a doctor and a pharmacist Iim Karimah and Tati Rahmawati. Both agreed to visit the children in Kp. Priuk to Medical Elucidation on oral health through various activities.

Starting from watching educational movie on how to brush teeth and mouth right too few games that uplifting children. In addition, participants with Cita Sehat, the PBS executor provide pop corn, fruit and milk to the children as a food supplement that activity become more interesting.

A total of 45 children were present and very enthusiastic to join the activities. Various questions about oral health they were bringing to the participants of PBS. Especially when they know that there will be attractive prizes provided by Cita Sehat team children are the most actively ask and follow the game.

“The Activity was really fun. We could watch movie together continue to play games. The brothers who were present also friendly so we are not bored. Thanks kak, “said Ayu (6), one of the participants.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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