PBS TURUT PERINGATI HARIKESEHATAN GIZI NASIONALBANDUNG. Smile Sharing Week activity held to commemorate National Nutrition Day in SD Juara Bandung on Wednesday (25/01). This activity was followed by Raulia Haekal and Hesti Nurjanah final year students of the Polytechnic Nutrition Department of Health as a participant PBS. They explained to the students of SD Juara Bandung about the benefits of breakfast and good balanced nutrition for breakfast.

This event was attended by all students. The first activity is cooking creations of students and continued coloring contest for grades 1 to 4 and finally there was the distribution of prizes to the winners of the coloring contest presented by Branch Manager of RZ Bandung, Mr. Mulyana Yusuf and Principal of SD Juara, Mr. Putra Muhammad ,

According to the participants of PBS Raul and Hesty This activity is very exciting especially seeing the joy of the children which is very inspiring, hopefully RZ continue to conduct this activity, let alone this event is very useful and innovative ways to share knowledge.

“The activities of PBS is an activity that is given a good chance of donators and the general public to get to know more of RZ programs, so that donators and other community can prove that RZ program is real and right on target.” Said Mulyana Yusuf, Branch Manager of RZ Bandung.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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