JAKARATA. Cita Sehat Foundation South Jakarta under the auspices of Rumah Zakat held examination for students of SD Juara South Jakarta, Thursday (22/03). The event held in order to commemorate the Day of Ear and National Hearing Health is a form of ear health care, especially in children.

The event took place at 09.00 WIB by targeting students of 1st to 3rd grade students, with a total of 64 students.

Through early ear health checks in children it will be anticipated if problems are found. Thus, hearing impairments that could have an impact on the decline in student learning achievement can be prevented and reduced or even eliminated.

“Activities like this are expected to be done continuously implemented and become routine activities,” said Drs. Fatoni.

Dr. Fatoni revealed that the results of the examination showed more than half of students do not keep the ear clean, so that earwax accumulate. If left unchecked, students may experience health and hearing problems until deafness.

Students who have been examined ear get counseling and get supplementary food.

Asih / Lailatul Istikhomah

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