BANTUL (29/10). Yogyakarta is a city that has a high life expectancy (UHH) in Indonesia, so the proportion of elderly people in Yogyakarta is highest in Indonesia. This issue of the elderly has become important to note both from the general public and the government in Yogyakarta.

Elderly is a process that will be faced by everyone. The process will have several impacts on the physical, health and psychological aspects and this cannot be avoided, but we can anticipate that we can minimize the impact and make the elderly stay healthy and happy in their old age.

Many roles that the elderly need to stay healthy and happy, one of which is the role of the family. One thing that can be done by the family is to care for the elderly well, so that the elderly also feel their family’s care and make the elderly feel cared for because the family is the closest person to the elderly. This will have an psychological impact on the elderly.

On that basis, Rumah Zakat makes Care Giver Campus to train people to be able to care for the elderly well. This activity begins by training families who have elderly people in their homes and provide knowledge both physically and psychologically in caring for the elderly.

Sorowajan, Glugo hamlet, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul is one of the care giver campus classes held by Rumah Zakat  together with the mother of Kenanga III posyandu cadres and volunteer elderly friendly hamlet at Rumah Zakat. This activity was also attended by representatives of Sewon Subdistrict and Stageharjo Village.


“We as the Panggungharjo village government are very happy with the event held by Rumah Zakat because it invites its citizens to care for the elderly and we hope that this event can spread to all the hamlets in the district, “said Mr. Hosni Bimo Wicaksono.

On this opening occasion, the participants received the first material in the form of the family’s role in caring for the elderly as conveyed by Ratna Kusuma as the Manager of the Elderly Friendly Clinic of Rumah Zakat in Yogyakarta.


“Family and social support is very important to improve the quality of life of the elderly, therefore we facilitate an increase in community knowledge about this through the Care Giver Campus. “Said Rata Kusuma in the material.



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