RZ SD Juara YogyaYOGYAKARTA. Oath Youth Day that falls of October 28th, 2014 was one of memorable days for the students of SD Juara Yogyakarta because they were taught by the guest teachers.

Two guest teachers voluntarily shared their knowledge and skill to motivate and inspire the students. The first teacher was Dinda Indah Rachmawati Ansori, Educational Administration Student of State University of Yogyakarta. In this opportunity, Dinda motivated the students to have dreams and work hard to achieve it.

Dinda played several inspiring videos to encourage students’ consciousness. In addition, she also invited them to write their dreams and put on the wall.

The second guest teacher was Alfa Narendra, UNNES Lecturer that participates actively in several social institutions. Alfa shared the benefits of using the internet and its dangers. He warned the student to use it wisely because internet on the one hand it has a lot of benefits and on the other hand it also contains harmful things.

Through the implementation of Sharing a Smile Week, RZ expects that there will more professionals who concern about education in Indonesia.***


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