In a series of smiles RZ’s sharing week program (PBS)  in January participated by a doctor from Dr. Sutomo hospital Surabaya. The activity located in Posyandu at Jl. Bendul Merisi Jaya, Gg. Lebar Bendul Merisi subdistrict, Wonocol district, Surabaya.

Dr. Adidia Carina Familia who familiarly called dr. Rina was deeply curious about the activities undertaken by RZ until many people know RZ. Until finally there is interesting information from one of her friends who previously participated in PBS in November 2016 that managed to make Dr. Rina would like to know more about RZ.

“And Alhamdulillah, I have a chance to participate in this activity. Hopefully this is a blessing. Because it starts with good intentions. May God bless us, “said dr. Rina.

Besides serving in the hospital dr. Rina also continue studying at Master of medicine. She particularly enjoyed the form of services directly to the public, was seen by the visit from Dr. rina house to house  to check on the elderly who cannot attend the Posyandu.

The response of the elderly who handled by Dr. Rina also outstanding, they welcomed her with pleasure, while communicating the complaint they suffered.

Source: http://duta.co/pbs-rz-periksa-langsung-para-lansia/

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