PROBOLINGGO. Saturday (17/03). Rumah Zakat Volunteers in Probolinggo with Perhutani (Forest Department) and Lembaga Desa Desa Hutan (LMDH) invite students in Andungbiru Village, Tiris District to plant trees. The tree planting is included in the activity of “Disaster Preparedness Students” initiated by Rumah Zakat Volunteers so that the students in Andungbiru Village care about their environment. Students who participated in these activities are Middle and High school students.

“This activity aims to prevent landslides and flash floods that occurred last month, so it is not happen again by keeping the forest green with the trees,” said Rumah Zakat Volunteers, Indra Permana Putra.

The location of the planting is on the slope of the former landslide and also on the edge of the river. Magahoni and Juwet trees from Perhutani as many as 100 seeds planted.

“Glad to plant trees here, hopefully the tree grows healthy “said Elis one of junior high school students from Andungbiru village who participated in the morning’s activities.

This activity also received a positive appreciation from the Perhutani Department because it is useful and also fosters a sense of love for the environment.

“Activities like this are very useful and also fosters a sense of love for the environment for students and the community,” said Mistur from the Perhutani Department.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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