JAYAPURA. Tuesday (18/07) is the second day of schooling for students of SD Juara al-Hikmah Jayapura, some children who on yesterday still seem shy, today began to show good improvement. They’ve mixed up and are getting brave. Alhamdulillah today’s activity began with morning habits such as yesterday’s reading Asmaul Husna together in class, and continued with prayers dhuha. After the prayer, the students started to memorize short surahs.

After entering the class, the students were introduced to SD Juara Mars, After that they continued to coloring activity with the theme of knowing God. From this activity the teacher of SD Juara Jayapura took the opportunity to make them know their Lord, His nature, His command and prohibition. Many lessons can be learned today.

In addition each students were required to bring lunch. But there are some students who did not bring lunch. Without teachers letting them know the meaning of sharing. Friends who bring lunch with each other shared their meal with friends who did not bring lunch. What a very valuable lesson, from an early age who already understand the meaning of sharing.

Today the learning activities were taught happily, although there are some children who cry because of other friends, but it still can be handled quietly. “The valuable lesson that I got today, since the guardian of 1st grade was unable to attend, with a little experience I had previously taught extracurricular Scout activities in schools, I tried to be a grade 1 teacher for today. A little tired, angry, loving, and I do not know … I try to calm down to face about 25 children, 25 child traits, 25 different childhood personality.” said Musyarotun, Administrative Staff of SD Juara Jayapura.

“But alhamdulillah I can be passed well for today. Hopefully the smile of happiness in SD Juara Jayapura will never disappear. Amen” she concluded.


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