by: Imam Nur Suharno

Every Month of Rajab (Arabic Month), the Muslims commemorate the phenomenal event as well as the greatest miracle, namely Isra and Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Jumhur agreed that the trip was done by Prophet SAW with body and spirit.

Isra is the Prophet SAW’s journey from the Grand Mosque (in Makkah) to the Aqsa Mosque (in al-Quds, Palestine) .Mi’raj is the ascension of the Prophet SAW penetrating the highest layer of heaven to the extent that cannot be reached by the knowledge of all beings. All that was done overnight.

Isra Mi’raj occurred in the 10th year of Nubuwah, this opinion of al-Mansurur. According to Ibn Sa’d’s account in his Thabaqat, this incident occurred 18 months before the hijrah.

With the aim to reassure the Prophet’s feelings as a great blessing is bestowed upon him. Then, for the Prophet (s) to feel the direct supervision and protection of Allah SWT, because before the Prophet experienced difficulties and suffering during the dakwah and lost loved ones, namely Abu Talib and his beloved wife Khadijah bint Khuwailid, to show the world that the Prophet is a special prophet, to show God’s majesty (Surat al-Isra ‘[17]: 1, QS al-An’am [6]: 75, and QS Thaha [20]: 23); and to test the faith of mankind.

Why is Isra Mi’raj’s journey starting from the Grand Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque? This event signals that Muslims in every place and time should guard and protect the Holy House (Baitul Maqdis) from the enemy’s greed.

It also reminds Muslims today that they do not fear and surrender to the Jews who always tarnish and rob the Holy House.

In the course of Isra Mi’raj, the Prophet (s) was met with earlier prophets, this is clear evidence of a strong bond between the Prophet (s) and the previous prophets.

The Prophet SAW said, My parable with the prophet before me is like a man who built a building, then he beautify and beautify the building, except for a brick in one corner. When people surround it, they are amazed and say, Oo it is beautiful, if this stone is laid? I am the brick, and I am the seal of the prophets. (Bukhari and Muslim).

In the hadith narrated, Prophet SAW led the prophets and apostles earlier in the two congregational prayers at the Aqsa Mosque.

This story shows the recognition that Islam is God’s last religion mandated to man. Religion that reaches its perfection in the hands of the Prophet (s), Prophet SAW choose milk drinks, when Gabriel offers two types of drinks, milk and Alcohol, is a symbolic sign that Islam is a religion of fitrah.


Namely, a faithful religion and all its laws are in accordance with the guidance of human nature. In Islam there is nothing contrary to human nature, the journey of Isra Mi’raj in order to receive the command of prayer from Allah, without going through intermediaries.

This shows the importance of prayer for Muslims. Prayers performed will be able to change a person’s life becomes more meaningful. If this lesson from Isra Mi’raj can be implemented in life, it can bring life change for the better.

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