CIMAHI. Saturday (20/10) One of the village programs with Rumah Zakat assisted village ‘Desa Berdaya cibeber’ is Economic Empowerment, on the occasion of Rumah Zakat through ‘Desa Berdaya cibeber Facilitators holding online business training at the Indosat ZIS-Rumah Zakat Inspiring Center. The training held for 4 hours 30 minutes followed by 20 cibeber residents and present 3 experienced speakers in the online business world.

The first speaker is Sani Muhammad Ramdhan who is a Website Practitioner and Market place, the second is Iik who is a Market place practitioner and third is Wahyu, a Product Branding and Logo Practitioner.

“The purpose of this training is how to increase the income of a mustahiq to become Muzakki,” said Suparman, the facilitator for Cibeber village.

Sparman added that after this training, participants will be guided for the next 6 years so that their business skills will increase and the bussiness that the participants have can develop.

“The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in this training and they thanked the Indosat-Rumah Zakat ZIS for providing this training facility,”Suparman added, representing the participants.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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