KAB. BEKASI. Rumah Zakat through village empowerment program is empowered to provide skill training to mothers in Ketawa Village, Tanjungsari, Bekasi regency, Sunday (06/08).

The training was attended by 10 participants, with the training of a trainer who has experience in the field of making brooches and hijab ornaments.

Mothers seemed happy and enthusiastic to follow the activities that began at 10.00 am and ended at 14.00 pm.

“It’s great that sir there is coaching skill from Rumah Zakat, we have the new experience,” said Ipah (47) one of the trainees.

“This can be done while spending┬áthe time if we keep the empty shop,” He said that every day selling snacks, coffee, and tea at the stall.

Participants not only get the science to make brooches and hijab ornaments, but also these participants get the materials and equipment to practice. The plan of the participants will get training to make the cake in the next week.

“Hopefully the science that has been given can benefit, Insha Allah the mothers here will we empower, in order to become independent mothers and have income from the skills that have been given with the support of Rumah Zakat,” said Bunbun Badrullaela, Posyandu cadres, and Coordinator of mothers of Kampung Ketawa, Tanjungsari.

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