RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. Weather change is often become major obstacles experienced by the majority of Indonesian farmers. Usually farmers plant their crops during rainy day, although sometimes the yield doesn’t meet farmer expectation because of pests or because the price is very cheap so it does not cover operational during the growing season.

In contrast, in the long dry season three are some farmers who do cultivation but they experienced water barrier. In the midst of the obstacles experienced by farmers, RZ represents an activity for farmers to combat the risk weather change in carrying out agricultural activities.

The event was held in ICD Mekarwangi Lembang to RZ assisted farmers who are members of kelompok Tani Bangkit Mandiri which have 30 members. As for the timing of the training will be carried out for 6 months starting in November 2015 until April 2016, the training is designed with the concept of field schools that combine 30% theory and 70% practice.

The meeting farmers practicing organic fertilizer using materials available around farmers’ fields such as banana trees that have been harvested, rotten fruit, sheep dung and rabbits urine that are very easy to get in ICD Mekarwangi.

MR. Karya as the leader of kelompok tani Bangkit Mandiri said “I as leader of kelompok tani Bangkit Mandiri is very grateful with the on going training like this, because so far the training like this was by agriculture drug companies and it was incidental That was just because they want their product can be sold.

Newsroom/Deni Wahyudi

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