PELATIHAN SKILL PRODUKTIF HASILKAN TAS MADE IN BBM MTUAJAKARTA. In order to increase the capacity and skills of the beneficiaries, active RZ held a variety of training, including soft skill training.

As was held on Tuesday (02/07), Balai Bina Mandiri (BBM) the result of cooperation between MTUA Rekind (Industrial Engineering) and RZ held Soft skills training activities. The program aims to make people around BBM MTUA Rekind can have good skill crafts and skills in selling, after several months of training with productive skill in making bags as the material at the end of the program the participants began to show a better development than ever before.

Call it Mrs Ijah, a housewife who initially cannot do – anything. Now Mrs. Ijah is able to sew and make bags, this is because Mrs. Ijah consistency participated the training in BBM MTUA Rekind.

Mrs. Ijah claimed that she get useful knowledge through this productive skill training not only that she also learned tahsin. “At first I was reluctant to attend the program, but my desire that wants to go forward makes me excited to follow in order to change the current condition are very difficult”, said Mrs. Ijah

By having skill Mrs Ijah aspired to build a business. She also said that learning to sew need patience and rigor. Not only Mrs. Ijah who benefited from the training, Mr. Daya as the responsible for the place where BBM activity is held admitted that he benefited from the production skill training so that this time he is able to sew bags and sewing clothes.

“The testimony from the participants continued to flow to MTUA Rekin and RZ on the BBM program, I hope the program can run longer and can be useful for underprivileged community”, said Yadi Mulyadi, RZ’s Markom

“Thanks to MTUA Rekind and RZ top for BBM Program, now I can sew and can make a bag, although this is the basis to make bags insha Allah, we will keep learning the knowledge, this is very useful for us and our friends. May Allah reward the donators especially MTUA Rekind with abundance kindness ” Said Mr. Daya gratefully.

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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