0905 PELETAKAN BATU PERTAMA PEMBANGUNAN MASJID DARUL IHSAN PIDIE JAYAPIDIE JAYA. Rumah Zakat with the people of Gampong Deah Teumanah carried out the first stone laying of the Darul Ihsan Mosque’s construction, in Deah Teumanah Trienggading District Pidie Jaya District, Wednesday (03/05) afternoon.

Implementation of the first stone laying conducted on the old mosque land which when the earthquake shook Pidie Jaya December 2016 then collapsed. The event was attended by around 90 residents consisting of residents of Gampong Dee representatives, Deah Teumanah, Rusep, Panton Raya and Tampui, DKM committee, KKN students from Unigha Sigli and Rumah Zakat represented by Program Director Mr. Noor Yahya Muhamma accompanied by Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Branch of Banda Aceh Mr. Riadhi.

“Thank you very much to Bank Jabar Banten for the funds provided so that we could re-start the construction of the mosque which was the pride of this Teumanah Settlement community. We hope that the aid would be continued until the mosque was completed and the community could be re-used for worship activities, “said Tengku Muhibbuddin, chairman of the Darul Ihsan Mosque building committee.

Furthermore, Mr. M. Ali as Geuchick Gampong Deah Teumanah, representing the residents conveyed thousands of thanks to Rumah Zakat and BJB for funding support for the construction of this mosque again and YKU aceh who has designed in such a mosque pride of Teumanah society.

Before doing the laying of the first stone, Mr. Norr Yahya in his speech said, “Rumah Zakat will try as much as possible to be able to help the construction of the Mosque until it finishes later”.

Newsroom / Razzi Izzatul
Pidie Jaya

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