BANGLADESH. When the Rumah Zakat Medical team provides health services, Rumah Zakat volunteers also distribute food aid, mats and blankets to the Rohingya refugees at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Of the hundreds of evangelical refugees who are assisted, Volunteer Team Rumah Zakat can chat with one of the refugees namely Mr. Aminullah.

Pak Aminullah (65 years old) who at that time conveyed that he and his wife and 3 children have been living for 4 months in the refugee camp. To meet his daily needs, he and all other refugees expect outside help. This is because they can not work and are not allowed to move outside the evacuation. “we really need food aid, we can not work here” he said.

“The assistance we provide at this time in the form of packages of basic foods, hygiene kits, alqur’an, health services, and assistance of water hand pum,” explained Anto, volunteers home zakat on duty.

Rumah Zakat will continue to assign its volunteers to carry out humanitarian action in the next year to provide services to Rohingnya refugees. “In addition to this assistance, we also provide assistance in the form of mats and blankets. When Bangladesh entered the winter, if in cold Bandung, here is cooler,” lid Anto.


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