JEMBER (15/09). Al Maghfiroh Foundation BPJS Employment, partners of Rumah Zakat again provides entrepreneurial assistance to residents in the Suci village. This time the assistance is realized in the Empowered Breeders program. Mr. Jarot and Mr. Sutrisno, who are members of the Harapan Barokah herd group received assistance from broodstock goats for breeding.

The seedlings will become the property of the maintainer and 25% of the selling price will be given as a contribution to group cash. The broodstock will be rolled to other members after it can be weaned. This revolving is done based on a whisk system until all members get a maintenance turn.

“This scheme is expected to empower more farmers, so that empowerment is carried out in a prolonged manner” said Rumah Zakat Facilitator, Eriek Mustaqim.

Members of the Barokah Livestock group are now 12 members who are residents of RT 03 RW 01, Glundengan sub-village, among whose members are elderly fathers so that they can remain productive by raising goats, or residents who have cages but do not have goats.

“Hopefully this can continue to roll so that the benefits can be felt by many people and group assets will continue to grow” Eriek added.



Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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