KAB. KUNINGAN. (29/09) In Cipondok Empowered Village, Kec.Cibingbin Kab.Kuningan Jawa Barat, Rumah Zakat launched a variety of empowerment programs, one of which was through the establishment of a Community-Owned Enterprise (Bummas). The formation of Bummas originated from KUBE (Joint Business Group) which was initiated by Empowered Village Facilitator, Mayasyaroh.


Bummas, which was only formed last August, has various activities including saving capital for SMEs, group gathering, SME assistance ranging from production, packing, to marketing and Mandiri Garbage Bank. This day of Bummas Berdaya increasingly shows its development, one of its developments is to establish cooperation with the Markisaku Company for the Red Passion garden in Empowered Village.


“From the collaboration with this Markisaku company, we empower citizens to plant red passion fruit which will be purchased by the company and processed into Syrop by Kuningan specialisty,” said Mayasyaroh.

In the Waste Bank management, Bummas Berdaya also cooperates with Bumdes Amar Jaya Babakan Reuma which is one of the successful Bumdes in Kuningan. In this collaboration Bumdes Amar Jaya will buy garbage from an mandiri waste bank and will also accompany the management of the Waste Bank.


“Amar Jaya Bumdes has implemented a good system in managing this Waste Bank, so residents can simply deposit the waste and the waste can be saved for financial transactions such as paying electricity, buying credit, and BPJS health contributions. We hope the Mandiri Waste Bank can be like this in the future, “said Mayasyaroh.


Mayasyaroh added that the spirit of working for the country really needed a strong intention, with this activity expected to bring Bummas Berdaya closer to achieving its Community Empowerment Success.



Muhtadin / Lailatul Istikhomah

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