Child Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Consultant, Doctor Anik Puryanti revealed, a number of ways to provide food to children properly. These efforts aim to ensure that the nutritional intake received is truly optimal.

First, parents should not freely give food to children. Besides being on time, parents need to pay attention to the quantity and quality of food that is sufficient. Preparation and presentation must be hygienic because the cleanliness of the baby needs to be maintained properly.

“As a water dispenser it’s easy, but it’s not clean at all,” said Anik at Savana Hotel & Convention, Malang City.

Children’s meal schedules need to be organized and adjust to the conditions of the house. Parents must provide a break as soonest as two hours between one meal schedule with the next. This is important because the ability to empty the stomach in children are for about two hours.

“So sometimes after being given milk, eating, giving snacks and continuing to give milk again. Do not do this even though there is a desire for healthy children,” explained Anik.

According to Anik, feeding continuously is not good for the child’s stomach. Their stomach is rather difficult to stimulate hunger and satiety later. Besides not being good, the level of satisfaction of children in consuming food is also reduced.

On the other hand, eating schedules in children should also not be too long. “For example, bribe a child up to one to two hours. The child runs here and there and only after two hours the food has been finished. This is wrong. The maximum is 30 minutes if it is more do not continue,” he said.

Providing food to children must also be in a pleasant environment. In other words, parents must not be angry and force children to eat. This method will usually cause conflict and trauma in children.

Coercion can lead to poor memory in children. They will always be afraid when parents bring dishes. “If you have seen his mother bring a plate, so afraid, then the child must have been forced before,” he said.

In addition, there should not be any distraction when feeding children. This condition such as children needs to be given something to want to eat. According to him, invite children to sit together with the family is better.


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