PEMBINAAN ANAK JUARA CILINCING MARUNDAJAKARTA. There’s something new in mentoring activity of anak Juara senior and junior high school level in Cilincing Marunda area, East Jakarta namely the written tests for Quran rote from Qs. Shams until Qs. At-Takaatsur. So children are also trained not only in reciting their Quran Rote but in writing verse as well they must memorize along with its punctuation.

Children feel challenged and began working on writing test exam. Meanwhile regional coordinator and mentor provided guidance to anak juara elementary level by teaching IQRO. Then after the Juara senior and junior high school finished writing their letters rote, their memorizing and writing tested by kak kiki and Pak Sodikin so that the writing and Quran Rote of Anak Juara.

“Alhamdulilah there are 30 children present at the activity. And this week anak juara also received a special T-shirt for every activity of coaching with bright colors and make the children seemed cheerful besides that Anak Juara also received scholarships from Rumah zakat “Said Ernawati Scholarship Projet Management of Rumah Zakat

According to Ernawati, the majority of children come from poor families and orphans so that with mentoring activity from Rumah Zakat homes this charity more pleased for children gets a lot of friends and added the insight. Not only that in the area of coaching Cilincing Marunda, East Jakarta, children receive guidance to learn of one of the martial arts because it happen that regional coordinator, Mr. Sodikin have martial art skill and was once the jury on national pencak silat championship. Mr. Sodikin also hope in the future P3A (Children Potential Development Center) Pencak Silat can be in the form so that it can produce a champion in the field of martial arts.

“I am very happy to join mentoring activity from Rumah Zakat because I get more friends, and now I can improve my Quran recitation skill despite the rain I also certainly present to join the coaching,” said Siti Asyaroh, 4th grade elementary students.

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