1303 PEMBINAAN ANAK JUARA DI PONTIANAK BARATPONTIANAK WEST, Saturday (11/03) Rumah Zakat was fostering Anak Juara in the West Pontianak, Jawi  Sungai luar, on March. A total of 16 children who attended following the coaching  this time. The theme of this fostering was conveyed by coaching mentor, that was  “3 deeds that bring us closer to the God”

But before that, Anak Juara were invited to murajaah their memorization of the Koran. Then   continued with the coaching theme, Mentor started the activity by throwing some of questions to Anak Juara “Who knows? whether the first practice that makes us closer to God?” Said one of mentor.

“Prayers!” said Ananda Riswana, one of  Anak Juara were a junior high school student.

Well then mentor went on to explain the three practices in question, the first is the whole practice of obligatory (prayer, Zakat, fasting, pilgrimage) which draws us closer to God, who both practice sunnah (the whole practice exemplified by Rasullullah SAW) and the third is loving  fellow Muslims. Finally, guidance on the lid with the Asr prayer in congregation.

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West Pontianak

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