PEMBINAAN BEASISWA MTT DIGELAR BERBEDA DI MAKASSARMAKASAR. Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) of Sulawesi Regional along RZ Makassar branch conducted MTT mentoring and Scholarship distribution. The activity carried out on Sunday (01/22) and then started at 09:00 pm at RBG clinic of RZ Makassar, Jl. Maccini Raya No. 26, Maccini district. Makassar.


In coaching this time conducted medical check-ups for the guardians and improving the child’s creativity by creating a MTT Juara keychains. The guardians are given counseling beforehand by Nur Andani, a nurse RZ RBG associated with metabolic examination. With the enthusiasm of the parents listening to the material presented, even some of them ask questions to the presenters on held problems.


After the completion of counseling, parents are directed to do a blood pressure test, check metabolic, and consulting a doctor. Mr. Ikhsan, one of the parents of the champion was pleased with the activities of this examination. “Alhamdulillah I felt helped by examination and this medical ellucidation.” Said Mr. Ikhsan, who works as an office cleaning service in Telkomsel.


Mr. Ikhsan is one of the participants who have uric acid and cholesterol were quite high after being checked, he was advised by doctors to maintain his food intake that have high levels of cholesterol and uric acid so as not to grow higher.


In a separate room, children MTT Sulawesi awardees are given training in how to make a key chain that is guided by a mentor, Kak Sila. The ingredients needed are the flannel cloth, needles, wool yarn, ring / small chains, beads, and scissors.


Children were divided into groups and required teamwork. With the training, children are expected to be more creative and can make their own crafts. This activity ended at 11:30 pm with the scholarship distribution


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