CILEGON. Friday (08/09), Rumah Zakat Cilegon holds entrepreneurship coaching to the members in the office of Rumah Zakat Cilegon. A total of 10 people from various business backgrounds attended the event. This weekly event is filled with ecological mentoring and entrepreneurial economies.

This series of coaching activities directly guided by Ustadzah Sri as a religious coaching mentor is about Arridho and continued coaching entrepreneurship mentoring by Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator on business motivation and SWOT Analysis of the product.

“This mentoring activity is aimed to ensure that the members have a balance of increasing Ruhiyah in scholarship and Rupiah improvement in business. The effort to shape the mental and the spirit of an entrepreneur in developing his business. They must be brave, optimistic, and never give up if they fail, “Humaedi said.

One of the members, Mrs. Ernawati. He just joined for 3 months with her Cimol and Nasi uduk business. “I feel very happy with this activity, open the insight in entrepreneurship makes me more excited again to get knowledge about spiritual,” said Ernawati.

In addition, she confessed his joy in following this mentoring activity of entrepreneurship. In addition to getting the motivation to advance the business, she can also increase the science of religion.

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