JAKARTA (02/09). Every child is a potential leader, at least a leader for himself. To be a good leader in the future, children certainly need to learn and practice early. In addition, children also need a leader who can set a good example.

Located in Al Barkah mosque Rempoa, Foster children assisted by Rumah Zakat participated in the formation of Muslim leadership in the world. This coaching is a combination of elementary, middle and high school students (male – female). Coaching activities begin at 09.00 WIB, starting with the sunnah dhuha prayer first. Then precede with Murojaah Al Quran surah Al – Alaq – Al Lail.

Furthermore, Mr. Azis, volunteer of Rumah Zakat, invited the children to get to know the leadership character of the Prophet, the Khulafaur Rashidin, Muhammad Al Fatih and the 5 phases of the Islamic community in the world through slides and watching films of the struggle of the Muslims.

“Children are also trained to be brave to appear in public by leading rote memorization in front of their friends,” said Mr. Azis.

This activity is part of the guidance for beneficiaries of Senyum Juara scholarship program from donators of Rumah Zakat. In addition to scholarships every month, children in rural villages guided by Rumah Zakat receive regular guidance to assist their development.


Meli Latifah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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