SIKAKAP – On Saturday, November 16, 2019, at the BKMT Secretariat in Sikakap District, Mentawai Islands Regency, the activity of coaching and guiding Muallaf is held once again.

For the meeting this time, a review session was held about the material that has been mentioned and to also review their Quran memorization. Participants were given a question and those who know the answer should show their hands and come forward to answer the questions given.

“Alhamdulillah, they were very enthusiastic listening to one question after the other that was given, for mothers who can answer questions, we will give gifts.” Said Farida Hanum as the Mentor.

All of this is a form of motivation for them to learn so that they are always enthusiastic about repeating the material provided, including memorizing the Qur’an.

“This activity is inseparable from the guidance, direction and assistance of Rumah Zakat. Thank you, Rumah Zakat, May Allah respond to the kindness for more, Aamiin. “said Mrs. Farida Hanum.


Heri Sumardi / Hanaa Afifah

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