PEMBINAAN PEKANAN RELAWAN INSPIRASI BAHAS RAMADHAN Weekly mentoring held by RZ inspiring volunteer of ICD Triwidadi Pajangan district, Bantul regency Alhamdulillah went smoothly until now. In this mentoring is always filled with a variety of materials so that the participants did not experience boredom.

On Saturday (21/05), the weekly mentoring activities for Scholarship beneficiaries filled with material about the Fiqh of Ramadan. We usually begins with tadarrus activity by reading surah Al-Fatihah until Dhuha. This is one method to help the participant in memorizing the Qur’an.

With this method Alhamdulillah the participants feel lighter and easier to memorize. Due to the frequent repeat readings, then without them knowing rote memory stick in their brains. We use the method because we realize that awareness or interest to memorize the Qur’an in this region is very low.

And it turned out on this occasion also, the material on fiqh of Ramadan that we submit is still unfamiliar to them, most of them do not understand about it.

“Indeed, such a state here, but it is the primary challenge that become our spirit to always deliver materials about Islamic Sharia knowledge to the younger generation of Triwidadi village.” Rifai Yusuf said, RZ inspiring volunteer.



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