BANDUNG. Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat again held activities of coaching UKS or School Health Enterprises. This time, the activity was done at SD Juara Bandung, Jl. Panyileukan Canal No.13, Cipadung Kidul on 10 November.

“This activity is held regularly as an effort to realize the training of Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat one of them SD Champion has healthy students as well as ready to be the pioneer of student health in school, home and surroundings”, said Fadhli, Public Health of┬áCita Sehat Bandung.

The material on the coaching this time discusses the importance of child immunization delivered by Midwife Erlin. To make the delivery more interesting, Midwife Erlin invites elementary school students to play the role of doctors performing immunization demonstrations with the patients of a doll.

“Incredibly, their spirit of studying this material is very high. Especially when I invite to play the role. So the rolling time feels fast because we really enjoy the continuity of this coaching activity. Success for elementary school children Champion Bandung. “, Said Midwife Erlin.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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