KAB SERANG. Rabu, (06/22) Wednesday, (06/22) Ali Rohman, Sukadalem Empowered Village Facilitator, Waringinkurung District, Serang Regency carried out coaching activities in Kp. Tenjolaut RW 04 with the assisted children, with a routine reciting agenda and open together.


The activity continued with the distribution of orphanage donations from donator round the empowered village. Woman joint business group (KUB, the beneficiaries of Rumah Zakat also attended the activity.


In separate places are also held Nuzulul Quran activities that started by Muslim Youth Mosque Baitutaqwa, Kp. Pamogoan, Desa Sukadalem as the community synergy of Berdaya Village Facilitator in developing the role and potential of Muslim teenagers to instill the values and traditions of reading Al Quran.


“Thanks to the donators and volunteers who have helped and cooperation succeeded this joint activity,” said Ali Rohman, Facilitator of Berdaya Sukadalem Village.


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