CIREBON. Cirebon city government cooperates with Rumah Zakat in an integrated program Improving the Role of Women Toward a Healthy Sejahtera Family (P2WKSS). This program is implemented in RW 10 Samadikun Kelurahan Kesenden District Kejaksan Cirebon. In this program Rumah Zakat through the Health Facilitator build the area in terms of waste management.

One of the waste management programs that will be undertaken is trash charity Program which aims to educate the community about waste management.

“So the alms of garbage is intended to make people more concerned with the environment, changing the paradigm of society that the waste is not thrown but managed, because by managing the waste there will be other benefits, in addition to maintaining a clean environment so that life can be healthier, there is also the economic value of the waste, “said Rumah House Health Facilitator, Lisaidah in the Inaugural Socialization of Trash Charity Program at Baperkam RW 10 Samadikun (17/4)

The inaugural socialization of the Trash Cahrity Program was attended by related Party, community leaders, and cadres.

“Alhamdulillah with the presence of this trash charity program may make this region better” said the chairman of RW 10, Lukman.

Asih / Lailatul Istikhomah

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