PEMERINTAH KOTA DEPOK GANDENG RUMAH ZAKAT CIPTAKAN KOTA RAMAH LANSIADEPOK. Monday, (08/05) Rumah Zakat held a discussion with the government of Depok City to work together to conduct various health programs. The discussion which attended by the Mayor of Depok was held in PKK Building, Depok City Hall.


“Currently there are various regulations that support the development of health programs in Depok, especially related to children-friendly programs, elderly friendly, to family resilience. He also said that the programs are not merely to feed the community, but are expected to empower all layers of society to raise awareness and care for the environment. ” Elly expalined, Mayor of Depok.


For about a year, Elly has carried out many program support activities, such as parenting seminars, elderly greeting program, care giver training, holding various trainings for adults and children to plan ahead to seek the formation of integrated multifunctional posyandu. In addition there is the empowerment of WRSE (Women Vulnerable to Socioeconomic) such as single parent, and daycare for the elderly.


Responding to this, Rumah Zakat as part of the government partner seeks to help realize the improvement of health of the elderly. One way is to provide assistance and empowerment of the community as a form of concern for the elderly. “Synergy can be done, such as Posbindu or Posyandu assistance for the elderly, as well as care giver training,” Dwi Endah said, Senior Manager of health program Rumah Zakat.


It was welcomed by the Mayor of Depok, as evidenced by recommending some places to synergize in the implementation of health programs that is by visiting densely populated areas.


“Hopefully with the policy of elderly friendly city can be realized through coaching and mentoring group at urban village level which cooperate with Rumah Zakat. “Elly said at the end of the discussion.

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