PEMKOT ACEH GANDENG RZ SANTUNI 600 YATIMACEH. Rumah Zakat (RZ) Aceh along with Aceh municipal government gave grants to 600 orphans from a number of villages in Banda Aceh, Monday (06/20). The Activity which was carried out in the City Hall of Banda Aceh was done in commemoration of Islamic world orphans day that fall every 15 Ramadan.

Some of the orphans from 600 orphans is RZ Aceh’s foster children in the Orphans Kafalah program in cooperation with OIC Alliance (OIC). The grants provided in the form of Eid package that contains Quran, prayer mats, sarongs, chicken, food, and money of 500,000 Rupiahs. “The grants for orphan has been implementing for 3 years, but the two previous years the number of orphans who received the gifts are only 250 people,” said Muharrahman, companion of RZ Foster children, Thursday (06/23).

Before the iftar, the orphans who are accompanied by a tutor or companion were listening to lectures first delivered by Illiza Sa’auddin Djamal and Ustadz Nurkhalis. Illiza conveyed that give sympathize to orphan is Allah’s command. “Alhamdullillah every year the grants increases, hopefully in the future donations will continue to increase in the subsequent implementation, so no more orphans who go unnoticed,” She said.

The chairman of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of Aceh, Muqni Affan Abdullah said that Banda Aceh is the most prepared city and serious in commemorating the orphans day as compared to some other cities. “So we have submitted to the Secretariat of the OIC in Jeddah, they really appreciate Banda Aceh,” he said.

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