yogurt-dengan-buah-_160530051430-821Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr. Marya W. Haryono. Mgizi, SpGK explain healthy digestion is the root of a healthy body. Of course a good digestive is expected to lead into good absorption.

“Good absorption will eventually make a healthy body not only short term but also the long term,” he explained.

So the point is, if the digestion is not good then the absorption of food is not good. Therefore, he suggested better care of what we eat, and it is important to choose foods that enter the body.

He reveals in the gastrointestinal even from the mouth there are so many bacteria. There are the hundreds to billions. In the gastrointestinal tract or bowel, billions germ would be needed to help the digestive process, there is a good deadly germs, neutralizing, and other functions.

Basically, there are good and bad germs, everything should be in a balanced composition. So eating poor food hygiene or maybe more down the immune system so bad germs can grow so much. “It’s because the digestion is not maintained well ” he added.

There are benefits, there are dangers, there are also midst bacteria. If it is to much it is dangerous, if it is few it all right. However, Indonesian people is immune to Esteria coli, eat more at the edge of times more delicious. Though they do not know whether the cookware, dining equipment and food ingredients are washed by which water.

Conversely if outsiders come into our country to question whether this food is raw or not, wash them by using which water. “But if our people are immune,” he said.

One of the good bacteria is probiotic. One of them came from yogurt, fermented milk. From the time of the Prophet are widely used because they many benefits to health.


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