BALIKPAPAN. Her name is Djumani, a mother of 4 children, her first and second child have graduated from school and are looking for work, while their third and fourth child are still in school. To support her family, Djumani who is a resident of Jl Mulawarman RT 02 Lemaru Balikpapan Timur is opening a sewing business, her economic condition is already difficult since the past especially when her husband left home and married again.

Currently Djumani get entrepreneurship assistance from Rumah Zakat as well as entrepreneurial assistance from YBM PLN KALTIMRA, in the form of business capital and also means of business, besides sewing, to increase income Djumani also sell nasi kuning and pastry cake in the morning. Although in sick condition (nerve pain) Djumani still sell because if not sell he cannot finance her children

“The doctor suggest not have to work hard first because it affects the nerves that I experienced, but I don’t have a choice because if I do not sell and don not sew then my school children do not get an allowance for transportation costs and also for daily meals , ” Said Djumani.

Since getting help from YBM PLN KALTIMRA current turnover can reach 3 million to 4 million rupiah, this is of course very helpful to the economy of Djumani’s family.

“Thankful and grateful for the help given to me, may be blessed and can advance my business in the future,” said Djumani gratefully.

Toip / Lailatul Istikhomah

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