SOLO. One of the empowerment done by Rumah Zakat Mojosongo Empowered Village is education, the targeted children in the region are awarded scholarships as well as Regular mentoring. Scholarships are given in the form of money for the needs of education and transportation money.

There are eight children in the Mojosongo area who are awarded with the program. The majorities of them belong to poor families and have financial problems. Because of that condition, ultimately their parents focus more on fulfilling daily needs rather than children’s religious education.

“In school also religious lessons are not so focused on diniyah like this, well we want to back-up it through mentoeing “added Lisana Widi Susanti, Empowered Village Facilitator in education.

In addition to Mojosongo, there are still about 200 beneficiaries of Anak Juara Scholarships from elementary to university level in Solo and 30% of them are orphans. One of Anak Juara who joined as Rumah Zakat foster children since elementary school until now high school is Hanifan Fiddin.

Despite the very simple family conditions, the first child of four siblings never felt deprived. Even with his zeal Hanifan can become the pride of his parents. Students who are in grade 11 of SMAN 4 Surakarta proves that with a strong desire and determination, anyone can achieve a myriad of achievements. Until now the student who is familiarly called Hanif has won seven gold medals, two silver medals, and three purple medals.

“His father is a toy-traveling salesman, his mother at home taking care of his younger siblings. According to his mother, Hanifan is obedient child, he is not stubborn and very close to his younger siblings, Hanifan also included diligent foster children follow mentoring every two weeks, “Lisana said.

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