PENERIMA MANFAAT SAMBUT ANTUSIAS BEASISWA DARI DKM AHMBEKASI. DKM AHM (Al Haqqul Mubiin) was held Scholarship distribution activities with RZ on (1/029) in the Ummah Margahayu Binatul Foundation, East Bekasi. This event attended by 126 Beneficiaries who came from West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Depok and Bogor.

The event began with Quran recitations from the ustadz Muiz Al Hafiz and continued by a speech from the host, Mr. Barra. At the same time he gave a little motivation on easily get sustenance from Allah, by way of charity, sharing with others, etc.

This event also held Khotmil Qur’an and Dzkir led by Ust. Muiz Al Hafiz. And the following one was  the distribution of scholarships that directly distributed to the foster children or parents who attended the event.

“Alhamdulillah, I get a chance to get a scholarship from the DKM AHM and Rumah Zakat, may the Muzakki be given a blessing and success from Allah. Thank you very much.” said Teguh Jaya Purnama, as one of the beneficiaries.

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