During the generation of Thabi’in, there was a scholar who was very knowledgeable and profound. To the extent that other scholars are called “Rabi’atur Ra’yi” (Spring logic). A title to describe the genius of this scholar.

Practically, Rabi’atur Ra’yi is the main goal of the science claimants to study. No exception, Malik bin Anas, a teenager who would later be known as Imam Malik Rahimahullah, the foundation of the Maliki School of Religion.

There is the most important moment, in my opinion, which we need to underline, when Malik bin Anas will study with Rabi’atur Ra’yi, which is the advice of the Mother. “Son, keep in mind mother’s message, study with you, Rabi’atur Ra’yi before you learn the knowledge.”

A short message, but its meaning is very deep. In fact, there is another message implied by Malik bin Anas’s message, “Son, if you do not meet a man in Rabi’atur Ra’yi, then you don’t need to waste time studying him.”

Why? Indeed, no knowledge will be as high as anything if there is no adab (ethic) in it. Especially if the science is nile, plus losing adab.

Allah has insinuated the scribes (Rabbis) of the Children of Israel who are not in him with the parable of a donkey carrying books on his back (Qur’an 62: 5). Donkeys certainly don’t understand what books they bear.

Thus, Allah insinuated the experts of the volumes of books in his head, but there was no conviction embedded in himself and his oral. In vain. In fact, it even dragged him into humiliation.

It is appropriate if the scholars agree, “Kada al-adab qabla al-‘ilm” (The position of adab is before knowledge).

Shaykh Ibn Mubarak, a very pious cleric, said, “Thalabtul adab tsalatsuna sanah wa thalabtul m ilm‘ isyrina sanah “(I studied adab for 30 years, I was studying science for only 20 years).

The advice of Imam Ash-Shafi’i was clear to Imam Abu Abdish Shamad, his teacher the children of the Caliph Harun Al-Rasyid, “Know, the first thing you have to do in educating the children of the Caliph is to improve yourself. Because, actually their paradigm is bound by your paradigm, what they are looking at is nothing you do. And, what they see as bad, is nothing you leave behind. ”

So, has the concept of adab before science been applied in our schools? Have we studied before knowledge? And, have we learned knowledge from teachers who have noble adab?



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