CILEGON. In the middle of Ramadhan that coincides with nuzulul quran, Sunday (06/11) Rumah Zakat re-distributed 50 Syiar Quran packages to orphans and dhuafa who live in Cilegon and surrounding areas.


Syiar Quran activity this time Rumah Zakat in cooperation with the community TDA (Hands Above), IKADI, ODOJ and DKM Ar-Rohmah. A total of 10 volunteers of Rumah Zakat also contribute in the distribution of SQ located at Ar-Rohmah Mosque, Arga Baja complex, Sari urban village, Grogol district, Cilegon city.


With the existence of syiar Quran, hopefully more people who care and love Quran and more active in reading and practicing it.


One of the beneficiaries of SQ is Khotim (43 th). She is an active housewife following majleis talim, as well as being a Quran teacher expressing her happiness in obtaining Quran. “I am very happy with the Quran and this new iqro, because many Quran have damaged and torn, there is no help from the local government. Hopefully with this new Quran and Iqra can increase the spirit of mothers of the assembly and other society, ” Khotim said.


Besides the residents, the Chairman of DKM Ar-Rohmah also expressed his gratitude for the help of Syiar Quran from Rumah Zakat Cilegon team. “I am a community representative to say many thanks to donators and volunteers of Rumah Zakat who has provided Quran with Iqra. Hopefully this becomes a new moment of passion for our citizens, “said Nanang, Chairman of DKM Ar-Rohmah.

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