PEKANBARU. Cici nurse was so nickname, is a polite, friendly and also nimble. She is from Minang, making it easily close to the patient RBG Rpimary Clinic built Rumah Zakat in Pekanbaru.

His ability to build familiarity with the patient makes him a pleasant telling place. “I am very grateful to be working here until it is not 5 years.In RBG Primary Clinic, in addition to nursing practice there are Islamic values that make me keep trying to improve myself After completing education, the first Rumah Zakat Clinic called me to join and I’m very happy at the time. ”

He added, “After joining the clinic, I am happier because I am required to make many improvements to be worthy and able to provide the best service to patients,” he said.

As a nurse who has graduated from professional education, Cici still upholds equality. Seniors in age and work do not change their attitude. In fact he always tried to submit proposed improvements while maintaining ease for his colleagues.

In the daily busyness to serve the public health, Nurse Cici also became one of the Clinic Rumah Zakat Rumahbaru Clinic in Home Care service. “In addition to the Clinic, I also given the responsibility be a Home Care nurse. Home Care Mother & Infant after childbirth in the morning schedule at 06.30-08.30 and Home Care General and elderly patients on the afternoon schedule starting at 14.00 WIB. Here we must provide the best smiles, hospitality and service quality to all patients. There I learned how a sincere devotion was done throughout the work, “he concluded.


Newrsoom / Yadi Mulyadi

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