Humans are inseparable from conversations or chatter between people. The conversation in the shop, patrol post, narrow alley, office, up to the luxury building and storied. The conversation seems to be a basic necessity for humans, either directly (met physically) or indirectly (as through social media).

In connection with the conversation, Allah says, “There is no good in most of their whispers, except the whisperings of those who order (human) to give alms, or do makruf, or make peace among human beings. And whosoever does so by seeking the pleasure of Allah, We shall give him a great reward. “(Surat an-Nisa [4]: ​​114).

The verse above explains, there is nothing in the whisper of what is whispered, talked about, and talked about. Any form of conversation does not bring benefits, it will only waste time. Beware! Thus, the Qur’an provides exceptions to allowable conversations, because it provides many benefits to life.

First, the conversation told to give charity. Discuss each other to give alms or share to the needy. It is very useful to help and lighten the burden of life of others. Alms can be a treasure, a science, or anything that brings benefits.

In this case, Allah (swt) said, “You are not until the virtue (perfect), before you spend some of your loved ones. And whatever you spend then Allah will know it. “(Surah Ali Imran [3]: 92).

Second, the conversation invites to do kindness. That is, invites to all forms of kindness, obedience, and all what is known good according to the Shari’a and reason and provide benefits for human life. In this case, the Prophet (s) said, “Every good is charity” (Bukhari).

Third, talks to hold peace together. That is, invites to unity in life. Peace will not happen except both disputing and hostile parties willing to make peace. Conflict will only cause harm, division, and destruction in the midst of humanity. Therefore, the Shari’a should make peace if a dispute arises.

And, “Verily the believers are brothers, therefore reconcile between your two brothers (in dispute) and fear Allah to have mercy.” (Surat al-Hujurat [49]: 10).

May Allah guide us, the Muslims, to avoid unhelpful conversations, both direct (physical) and indirect (via social media) conversations, and just doing conversations that bring benefits and benefits to life. Amen.

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