0805 PERESMIAN RUMAH NUSANTARA RELAWAN RUMAH ZAKAT SUMATERA BARATPADANG. Saturday (06/05) In order to develop the creativity and skill, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat West Sumatra launched Rumah Nusantara program which was held at Masjid Al – Ikhlas, Pasir Muara Ganting, Kel.Prp Tabing, Padang.

Rumah Nusantara is a character education program aimed at children through the concept of learning while playing. This activity was officially opened by RW Chairman, Mr. Rusdi Karim.

“I as a chairman of RW Pasir Muara Ganting really hope to the parents to invite their children to study at Rumah Nusantara held by Rumah Zakat West Sumatra,” he said.

In addition to that, Ihsan who is a child of TPA Al Ikhlas Mosque also said that he was very happy with the activities of Rumah Nusantara.

“Alhamdulillah, I was very happy, for the next day I could learn while playing with the volunteers from Rumah Zakat, especially if there was a game, so we did not get bored,” he said.

After the Rumah Nusantara officially program opened, followed by next agenda, eating soto with community who live around Al Ikhlas Mosque.

Then on Sunday, (07/05) Rumah Zakat volunteers directly held activities for the first time. The event was held at Pasir Muara Ganting Beach by giving some games to younger siblings. A total of 25 children Rumah Nusantara also active in playing.

“The main goal of this game was to get closer to the younger siblings, to train cohesiveness, and to know their character. InshaAllah for the future, younger siblings would be given various forms of learning such as learning English, religion, creativity, art,” said Aprishindy Putri Oliyan.

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