pergeseran-tanah-di-kbb-rz-beri-bantuan BANDUNG KBB. Moday (11/20). Shift of land along the – / + 1 Km with a distance of 1-2 meters happened in West Bandung regency (KBB) precisely in Cikatomas village RT.05 / 10 Citatah sub district Cipatat district. The incident occurred on Friday 18 November 2016 at 10.00 am, due to heavy rain.

Bandung Geology Team has conducted a review to set the area unfit for occupancy by all residents who are in RT.05 RW.10.

KBB BPBDs action on Saturday (19/11) at 09.00WIB closed access to the area with the police line and had set up camps and Public Kitchen tent managed by Tagana.

Based on the information from chairman of RT.05 / 10, Mr. Ujang (47) The total number of displaced people as many as 35 families or 116 people, the activities that have been implemented include evacuation residents’ stuff to the safe place and this activity will be continued tomorrow.

Today most of the residents have been displaced in GOR or Citatah Village Hall. With the number of elderly, women and children are more dominant. Men still remain at the site. To keep the stuff and home’s furniture.

The necessary needed by refugees are:
1. Logistics groceries for public kitchen
2. Clothes, blankets, diapers and bedding.
3. Health services for refugees
4. Carry out educational activities, fun games to suppress boredom in the refugee camps.

Meanwhile, the help that has been done by RZ are:

– Conducted Assessment
– Delivered 200 cans of SuperQurban corned
– Established a warm Post

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