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The hearing function is usually reduced due to aging. However, technological trends such as the use of headsets also affect hearing quality. Damage due to the ear noise can be permanent and cause hearing loss at the earliest possible age, such as the age of the 40s.

Reported by the CNA Lifestyle page, Friday (6/28), the report states, exposure to noise of more than 85 decibels continuously can make hearing in danger. The average sound level outside the room is 69.4 decibels throughout the day.

According to a 2017 study by the National University of Singapore, that number has exceeded the limits recommended by the National Environment Agency, which is as much as 67 decibels in one hour. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a limit of 70 decibels a day.

Kelvin Lee, a founder of The Listening Lab, says the most common cause of hearing loss is actually age. The inner ear, known as the cochlea, is fluid and snail-shaped reinforced structure in the skull behind each ear. This structure holds a line of auditory hair cells that serve to provide sound information to the brain.

“Various zones of hair cells, when activated by fluid pressure, will give a certain sound frequency to your brain,” Lee said.

As people get older, some of these hair cells become lost or damaged and cause interference with the ability to hear sounds. These are usually permanent and can only be treated with an amplification device such as hearing aids.

The average outdoor noise level will not actually make a hearing loss. There is growing evidence that listening to music on cellphones or high volume music players for long periods can permanently damage it.

“Some of these music players can produce sounds up to 120 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound level caused by commercial aircraft taking off from the runway pacemakers, “he said.

Sound exposure at that level even for 30 minutes can cause permanent hearing damage. Indeed, damage can occur if the use of a headset is done excessively.

“For example more than seven hours a week at high volume,” he said.

Lee suggested that people who often listen to music or watch shows on cell phones and gamers to apply the 60/60 rule. Adjust the volume to 60 percent and do not use earphones or headphones for more than 60 minutes without pausing. “Rest your hearing,” Lee said. If the volume is set at 80 percent, shorten the time you use ear speakers. With that loud voice, Lee called for a short time to listen to music for less than an hour.

People who like to watch musical performances in cafes are advised to stay away from speakers at least three meters away. Want to watch a concert? Instead, give a 16-hour opportunity to detox the hearing after having fun at the concert. This means you may not listen to high volume music through earphones or headphones during this period.


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