peringati-hkn-rz-resmikan-wilayah-zero-waste-and-tobacco-controlCIREBON. 100 residents participated in healthy walking march held by Cita Sehat and RZ in Cirebon route started from Bapermas RW 06 Tanda Barat – Jl. Kartini – Jl. Siliwangi (in front of the city hall / CFD area) – Jl. Stasiun Kejaksan (RZ Cirebon Office) and then finish in Bapermas, the event carried out on Sunday (10/13).

In addition to healthy walking march, residents were also required to collect garbage in the street as they passed. Garbage is collected as much as 50 kg are saved in trash charity basecamp which will be recycled or sold to collectors, money from the sale of the waste put into cashof RW 06 Tanda Barat for the purposes of the citizens.

After healthy walking march, Zero Waste area and Tobacco Control program launched officially in RW 06 Tanda Barat by Cita Sehat and RZ. In the area, the public will be given counseling for waste management and introduction to the dangers of smoking.

“I really appreciate Zero Waste area and Tobacco Control program from Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat, may bring positive impact for the community and my hope in the future, hopefully the program or this event can continue regularly, so the improvement will always be controlled and certainly worth benefits for the society, especially RW 06 Tanda Barat “said Ibu Ana, a member of Cirebon city council.

Not only board members, representatives from the Department of Health Cirebon also contributed to this event by providing health education. People are very enthusiastic listening to the explanation from Mrs. Martin and Mr. Bambang regarding Clean and Healthy lifestyle in the household environment and the implementation of tobacco control program.

“I feel happy and excited that RW 06 can be selected to be one of the partners or assisted are of Cita Healthy and RZ in Cirebon, indeed it is an honor for us, especially me personally as RW, hopefully this program in the future more and more people are increasingly feeling the positive impact from the presence of Cita Sehat and RZ in RW 06 Tanda Barat. “, said Mr Otong, chairman of RW 06 Tanda Barat.

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