RZ Medan UKM MEDAN. Culinary business is one promising financial resource for entrepreneurs especially micro entrepreneurs. It has great prospective customers because people will not stop eating during their life.

This reason has encouraged Napsari, a member of RZ entrepreneur community, who produces and sells tasty rice, lontong, and gorengan. She has started it since 5 years ago in one of state school around her place. She initiated to run the business in order to add her family’s income.

At first, her business was not well known by the public because she has a competitor. However, she was a great fighter and never surrenders with it. Considering her potential and efforts, RZ gave her business financial assistance and entrepreneurship training.

She was trained the strategy of business development and marketing. Currently, her business is developing significantly. Many people who already known her products. “Thanks to RZ for assistance, training, and supervision,” Napsari said. ***

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