. Through Senyum Mandiri program Rumah Zakat giving business capital assistance for SMEs (Small Medium enterprises) in Bangunsari Barat hamlet, Proyonanggan Tengah Sub-district, Batang, Tuesday (22/08). This capital assistance program is a continuation of food processing skills training that last July which was attended by about 20 participants. Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Falahuddien conducted assessment on the training participants to be followed up with the business capital assistance.

In the event of distributing capital assistance, Falahuddien explained, “For this first stage Rumah Zakat distribute capital assistance of 1 million rupiah to be given to 5 people first,” he said. The five people each get capital of Rp200.000. While some of the beneficiaries are Mrs. Darsih, Mrs. Witriana, Mrs. Karlina, Mrs. Aliyah and Mrs. Nur Hayati. The capital assistance will be rolled out to help other small businesses that need capital.

The pattern applied is each beneficiary will refund for 4 months (4 times round) and every month there is a program of Rp10.000 charity. Once completed 4 rounds, the beneficiaries can apply for additional capital. With the pattern each month can add capital for one person. The amount of managed funds will increase, so that the benefit will also wider.

“I am very grateful with this assistance, with this alms program I hope my business will be more blessed,” said Darsih who sell food at the street). Meanwhile, Mrs. Karlina, who has a baking vegetable business, said, “I am very grateful to get capital assistance. Insha Allah it is very helpful for me. Thank you Rumah Zakat for the help,” she said.

This capital assistance is one of the flagship programs in Proyonanggan Tengah urban village as an effort to reduce the influence of loan sharks often faced by traders or small businesses.



Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza


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