PERLUAS WAWASAN, SISWA SD JUARA CILEGON HADIRI GELAR TEKNOLOGI TEPAT GUNACILEGON.PT. Krakatau Steel held Efficient Technology (TTG) at ADB field Cilegon. On Sunday (08/28), Students of SD Juara Cilegon visited the exhibition.

There are many exhibits, besides technology exhibition there are also typical batik Cilegon exhibition Banten in particular, and there are also crafts made by Cilegon community.

In accordance with the name of the exhibition, namely Efficient Technology, students can look at the technologies generated by Cilegon community, as a tool to separate the grains with leaves, egg incubator tools, robotic work, and much more. Students are very interested in seeing the work of robotics created by junior high school students.

Additionally, when visiting batik Banten Expedition, the students were interested to try to make it. There is provided a cloth that has been given a pattern by using a canting seal. So the student gives color to the batik patterns.
Carefully, students learn batik together. And they also feel happy and satisfied to see the results of their own work. This activity is beneficial for the students, because there are many things can be learnt and increases their knowledge.

As expressed by Tria Rahayu one teacher who was accompanying the students, “This event is great for children because here the children can learn many things. Starting from the familiar technologies, recognize the work of local communities, and many more. Students also seemed happy to attend the exhibition “Tria said.


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