bisnis-kecil-kecilanThree students of Agriculture Technology Faculty, Brawijaya University, Malang East Java, successfully processed banana peel into anti-hyper cholesterol soft candy.

“We’ve found that banana peel may reduce cholesterol levels in blood. We process the waste of banana peel into soft candy,” Lukman Azis, Researches Head Team, said.

Lukman collaborate with Nisa Alfilasarida and Clara Arha on processing pectin, banana peel extract; become marshmallow under the supervision of their lecturer in Student Research and Creativity Program, Nur Ida Panca.

To make a marshmallow from banana peel, first of all we need to short the best quality banana peel, then cut it into small pieces and steam in for 10 minutes. After steaming, then we must make it dry and make it into flour.

We have to extract the banana peel flour using acid solvent, heated and purified it using 70 and 96 percent alcohol to obtain pectin.

According to the result of the research, we may reduce 52 percent of cholesterol levels in blood by consuming pectin extracted from banana peel for two weeks.***


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