SIBOLGA. Monday (12/11) the Posyandu activities in the Empat Pasar Belakang neighborhood were held at the house of one of the Posyandu cadre. The Posyandu activities start from 09.30 to 12.00 WIB, beginning with registration, weighing and giving Supplementary Food while immunization is carried out at the Puskesmas according to the direction of the Puskesmas.

This program is a form of collaboration between Pertamina TBBM Sibolga and Rumah Zakat. There are 19 toddlers who take part in the activity while playing waiting for their turn. “Many mothers and toddlers who respond positively especially after additional programs are held, namely playing corners for toddlers.” explained Nur Cahaya, health facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

In the Posyandu this time health education was also carried out by the Puskesmas with Polio material which was delivered by Ms. Meinar Panggabean, S.K.M. “Hopefully the participants (Mothers) can bring their toddlers to be more diligent in Posyandu to monitor toddlers’ growth and to the Puskesmas for immunization,” said Ms. Meinar.

Asihdwi Rini / Abdullah Tsabit

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