1703 PETAK UMPET HADIRKAN KECERIAAN ANAK JUARA P3A TAHFIDZBEKASI, Thursday (16/03) Anak Juara P3A Tahfidz in the area of Kampung Walahir Rt.04 / RW.05 Karangraharja village, district of North Cikarang, Kab. Bekasi. About 15 elementary school children receive treats the material varies from Arabic, English and memorizing Juz 30, and no less than educational games are also raised.

The grasp of the children becomes much fresher and lighter, one of the educational games that appear in the form of hide and seek, a game traditionally has a philosophy which is a turn is required to look for colleagues who were hiding in different kinds of places around the location of activities.

In the search process needed slick cooperation between instinct and the senses so that in the end no matter how great his hiding would have known. So what to do with the Quran memorizing?

It turned out that the relationship is, new paragraphs that it is not yet in memory, what else to stored in the brain so it requires a search process. In the search process takes repetition and it took the name of cooperation between instinct and the senses.

“No matter how difficult the new clause that will be memorized will be solved if there is sincerity in memorizing said,” Ustadz Samsul Muiz Al-Haafiz

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